Meal Log: Sun Jun 27, 2021

Meal log for Sunday June 27, 2021:


  • Mixed vegetable saute of potatoes, onions, and shitake mushrooms with garlic.
  • A little over one quarter of a boule, cut into slices, topped with butter and apricot jam.
  • Boule french toast with frambois jam.
  • Cappuccino made with soy milk.


  • Opted for intermittent fasting.


  • Five pieces of Japanese fried chicken aka karaage.
  • One piece of fried suzuki (fish).
  • Sliced cucumber and tomatoes topped with Japanese mayonnaise.
  • One small ochawan of white rice.

Considering the huge meal from last night, this was a nice way to round out the weekend. Not a huge amount of food, but also nothing especially healthy. I am looking forward to my week of getting back to focusing on eating more vegetables and more nutritious meals.

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