Meal Log: Sat Jul 10, 2021

Meal log for Saturday July 10, 2021:


  • Slow cooked steel cut oatmeal with crushed banana, topped with a hint of maple syrup.
  • 750ml water.


  • Vegetable stir fry of onions, mushroom, and zucchini, topped with a fried egg.
  • Two slices of a standard boule, and one quarter of a small mint and fig boule.
  • Cappuccino made with soy milk.


  • Opted for intermittent fasting.


  • Grilled hokke.
  • Konnyaku sashimi topped with miso.
  • Grilled green onions slathered in mayonnaise and mentsuyu.
  • Small bowl of miso soup.
  • Ochawan of white rice.
  • Rosemary baked chicken with onions, potatoes, and carrots.
  • Small ochawan of rice.
  • Glass of homemade cold brew.

Although the weekend, today was another win for healthy eating, especially dinner. This was the first time in a long while since we had grilled fish. Hokke is perfect for home grilling, although it does tend to take a bit of time for the fish smell to disipate from the house. Based on today's horrible cycling performance, primarily due to highly humid weather, I am curious to see how strong I am tomorrow after eating such a light meal.

These calorie deficit days are important to me for a two main reasons. First off, this is how you lose unnecessary fat. You need to have burned more calories than consumed so the body starts feasting on itself, so to speak. Second, I end up feeling a whole lot better when I consume less food. Although it is the weekend and I allow myself to drink a glass of wine or two, I did not partake because I am paying closer attention to what I ingest.

Overall, it has been a great day for nutrition.

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