Meal Log: Mon Jul 5, 2021

Meal log for Monday July 5, 2021:


  • Slow cooked steel cut oatmeal with figs and topped with a hint of maple syrup.
  • Bowl of pineapple mixed with soy yogurt and granola, topped with honey.
  • Cappuccino made with soy milk.


  • Three khenaizi dates.
  • 750ml water.


  • 300ml shake made from chocolate flavored whey protein and HMB mixed with almond milk.


  • Ketchup fried rice with chicken and topped with a fried egg.


  • Shabu-shabu salad with grated daikon and topped with ponzu dressing.

Nutrition today was completely on point. Not only did I eat only healthy meals but was also able to finally get out for a nice 50k ride. I am very pleased with every aspect of my food consumption today, and hope to continue this throughout the entire work week.

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