Foggy Fearful Friday Finale

Prior to passing out asleep on the couch on Thursday night I quickly checked the weather forecast. According to the weather guessers, the rest of the week is ostensibly going to succumb to precipitation. Sure enough, after awaking on Friday at the usual crack of dawn early hour and checking the status outside, it is indeed raining. The end of the work week, Friday the thirteenth of August, will be completely indoors.

If the forecast holds true for the entire weekend, Red Chameleon and I will possibly not be making as many tarmac appearances as we would like to enjoy. I am really hoping to get out for at least one ride between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My preference is to hit the road both Saturday and Sunday.

The weather is hard to gauge in August thanks to excessive humidity and typhoons, so who really knows what will happen. The bottom line is today there will be no riding. My work schedule is purposely light, so I may hit the gym and get some elliptical and weight training work done. I am not usually all that motivated about indoor workouts so I am not making promises to myself.

Energy Balls with Sprouted Alfalfa Crunch
Photo by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger / Unsplash

My most recent batch of energy balls are just about depleted. Last weekend I snatched up some more chocolate chips, and even picked up some caramel chips too. I intend to play around with my energy ball and almond butter recipes today.

To start with, I need to make another batch of almond butter because the previous container is just about empty. Not only is the weekend rapidly approaching and thus I would like to enjoy some almond butter with bread, but I also intend to add a substantial amount to the next batch of energy balls. I also plan to infuse the almond butter with a small amount of chocolate, just as a test to see how well this works as a sweetener and flavor enhancement.

Once the almond butter is complete, I will then work on the next batch of energy balls. My goal is to use a combination of leftover peanut butter, a substantial amount of almond butter, and potentially a small dollop of Kirkland nut butter. This time I will not be using dried fruit, instead sticking to the more traditional recipe, including both chocolate and caramel chips. That added sweetness and sugar should help keep me from getting anywhere near bonking while riding.

I also have this wacky idea to add apricot jam to the center of the energy balls, but cannot workout an easy method for doing it without making a complete mess. It is time to do some hardcore YouTube searching to see if I can find someone who has done this previously.

It would be nice if I could somehow harden the outside of the energy balls. Right not they are a bit too sticky to the touch, so a firmer outer texture would make them easier to eat. I imagine this could be done by covering the balls in liquefied chocolate, and then baking long enough in the oven to solidify the shell.

This picture was taken over one of the most Southern beach In South Africa. This is where two oceans meet which make for some of the most beautiful waters in the world.
Photo by Clayton Cardinalli / Unsplash

Thank goodness it is Friday, even if it is a day for superstitions to run rampant. This has been a pretty brutal work week and I really need a break after all the long hours. I am looking forward to getting an opportunity to unplug from work and chill, maybe enjoy a movie or two, and just doing something entertaining.

It is unfortunate the weather forecast for the weekend has rain written all over it. One thing I have yet to do this summer, which I sorely miss, is hitting the beach. While I absolutely love camping and being immersed in nature, the sea holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in Los Angeles, was in and around the Navy for many years, and have been near beaches most of my life.

I would be content with just sitting in a cafe along the beach, sipping on an iced cold coffee while reading a book, overlooking the beautiful ocean blue. The breeze carrying the intoxicating scent of the sea into the cafe while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing ashore is unbelievably therapeutic. Did I  just define my mission for the weekend?

Have an outstanding Friday and an even better weekend.

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