Rain, Rest, and Reflection

As you know, cycling is a passion delivering me joy and revitalization. However, life sometimes presents unexpected obstacles impeding my two-wheeled adventures. In the past couple of days, the morning rain and my demanding work schedule converged, causing a temporary hiatus in my renewed cycling routine. No matter the reason, the absence of cycling leaves me with a bittersweet mixture of guilt and longing.

Tokyo's summer heat is insane, and we are not even deep into the season yet. The warmth envelops the city like a steamy embrace, leaving me feeling both energized and enervated. The humidity adds an extra layer of challenge, creating a symbiotic dance between my body and the atmosphere.

While cycling, the heat fuels my determination, pushing me to conquer the road ahead. Yet, during the rain-soaked respite, the heat and humidity become oppressive, beckoning me to seek shelter and indulge in some much-needed rest.

This dichotomy drives me increasingly weary.

One of the joys of cycling along the Tama River is being immersed in nature's verdant embrace. The lush green vegetation offers respite from the urban clamor, providing a visual feast nourishing my soul. The rhythmic pedaling carries me through a symphony of vibrant colors and textures.

However, when I do eventually ride during these rainy interludes, the foliage along the riverbank glistens with renewed vitality. I gaze longingly at the drenched leaves, knowing that cycling during such conditions would risk muddy splatters and slippery trails. It is sometimes a necessary sacrifice, albeit one that tugs at my slightly adventurous spirit.

The sky above Tokyo - a canvas painted in celestial hues. The blue expanse, when unblemished by clouds, holds a promise of limitless possibilities. Cycling under such azure heavens invigorates my spirit, lifting any shadows possibly lingering in my exhausted mind. But as the raindrops cascade from the sky, my cycling ambitions find solace in the beauty of rainfall, knowing that the vibrant blue will return, ready to witness my tire tracks once again.

While rain and work may have interrupted my cycling routine, they have also afforded me a moment of introspection. The guilt of not cycling weighs upon me, for I know the dual loss I have experienced - the physical workout invigorating my body, and the mental escape nurturing my fragile mind.

The longing to feel the wind against my face coupled with the rhythmic cadence of the pedals intensifies with each passing day. Yet, this temporary setback reminds me that balance is key - rest and rejuvenation are equally vital components of a healthy and fulfilling life.

person riding on bicycle on road

Life's unpredictability can sometimes interrupt our most cherished activities. Tokyo's rain, coupled with my demanding work schedule, recently conspired to withhold the joy of cycling.

The heat, humidity, lush greenery, and breathtaking blue skies all play their part in influencing me psychologically when I do cycle. As the rain subsides and the sun emerges once more, my resolve to return to the saddle grows stronger.

Guilt and longing push me forward, reminding me of the profound impact that both the physical and mental workout of cycling have on my well-being. Until then, I embrace the rain-soaked reprieve, knowing it is a necessary part of the journey towards balance and renewal.

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