Hump Day Hysteria

Monday morning I rocked out a so-so 50k but I have not hit the road since the start of the week. Yesterday I was poked for the second time, receiving my final dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Although I had hoped for the best, it seems I drew the short stick and am experiencing some mild side effects from the shot. There was no dawn ride today and likely will not be one tomorrow unless things rapidly improve overnight.

Originally I had intended to ride another 50k Tuesday morning, but thanks to a somewhat mercurial boss our weekly leadership meeting was suddenly moved up a day. Instead of walking out the door at 4:45am, I ended up having to sit on an hour long call commencing at 6am, followed by another at 7:30am. The latter I would have made regardless, but this new meeting put a major wrinkle in my plans.

Despite my best intentions, I was unable to ride yesterday and took a recovery day today as a post-vaccination precautionary measure. There is no need to push it; better to be safe than sorry.

My goal is to be back on Red Chameleon on Friday morning, assuming I am feeling 100% again. I am really looking forward to pounding the pavement, knocking out another 50k while getting an opportunity to have a relaxing riverside ride.

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