Pathetic Perpetual Precipitation

The past three days have been primarily permeated with perpetual precipitation, preventing proper pedaling performance. Red Chameleon and I last hit the streets on Tuesday morning, but are now once again stuck with three days of unwanted rest. The forecast for tomorrow morning looks shaky but there may be a window of opportunity if the timing is right.

To be fair, Wednesday I was in no shape to ride after having woken at 4am to ride and then staying until just about midnight for work related calls. Luckily it was raining otherwise I might have felt guilty about skipping out on a ride. Thursday and Friday were completely out of the question as Mother Nature had wet warriors decending in droves upon Tokyo Metropolitan.

This has been a brutal work week, ripe with early mornings and late nights. Our exceptional CEO gave the entire company a "thank you" day on Friday, thus roughly 90% of the workforce is enjoying a long weekend. US-based folks get an even longer holiday weekend, now savoring four days off for the Labor Day holiday weekend. Color me jealous!

It is a pretty quiet day today. I am using it to catch-up on rest, do some research about our upcoming multi-day hike in Kamikochi, and looking into some audio equipment to further enhance my webinar studio. I even just finished doing up another batch of cinnamon and vanilla infused almond butter, just in time for the weekend.

There really is not much to report today so this is just going to remain a short update. Hopefully I can get back on the tarmac at least one of the next two days. My body is severely craving not only exercise, but a nice ride along the river. The mental escape is priceless.

Anyways, have an outstanding holiday weekend and be safe.

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