Meal Log: Tue Jun 29, 2021

Meal log for Tuesday June 29, 2021:


  • Small bowl of steel cut oats with a hint of maple syrup.
  • Bowl of pineapple & kiwi, yogurt, and granola topped with honey.
  • Cappuccino made with soy milk.


  • Pumpkin and minced meat curry with white rice.
  • Burdock root cream soup made with soy milk.
  • Mixed salad of raw broccoli, tomatoes, and avocado, topped with homemade carrot, onion, and olive oil dressing.


  • Homemade organic, unsweetened banana bread.
  • Iced machiatto.


  • Opted for intermittent fasting.

I consider today another success. Never once did I consume any unhealthy foods, in particular sugar-laced products, nor did I drink any alcohol. One of my daily goals throughout the week is to steer clear of alcohol, leaving consumption solely to the weekend. When I avoid spirits I find my head to be a lot more clear, and my cycling performance is loads better.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I will get a late start on the tarmac due to a pretty shittily (is that a word?) scheduled meeting. Conceivably I could roll outta the house around 4am and get back before 6:30am when the meeting is scheduled. However, I find it hard to believe I am able to awake at 3am so I can get outta the house on time, so I can make it back on time.

Not to mention there is once again another torrential downpour wreaking havoc outside my window right now. I find it hard to believe the cycling path will be dry enough for a ride in eight hours. It is best to roll out after the call ends at 7:30am, and then hopefully I can make it back on time for whatever meetings are on tap for the day.

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