Meal Log: Thu Jun 24, 2021

Meal log for Thursday June 24, 2021:


  • Three small dates.
  • One small banana.


  • Bowl of steel cut oatmeal with raisins, topped with maple syrup.
  • Bowl of yogurt mixed with pineapple and Love Crunch granola, topped with honey.
  • Cappuccino made with soy milk.


  • Vegetable fried rice with a fried egg on top.
  • Small salad of sliced cucumbers and mini tomatoes topped with a small amount of Japanese mayonnaise.


  • Deconstructed pumpkin croquette.
  • Mixed salad of green, tomatoes, and avocado topped with oil & vinegar.
  • One small ochawan of mixed rice.

Overall, today was a very healthy meal day. As much as I wanted to drink an extra cappuccino or eat some junk good, I held back and just stuck with the plan. One more day of healthy eating, and then Saturday evening will be a bit of exciting over-indulgence.

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