Friday Meeting Extravaganza

Due to a number of excruciatingly early morning meetings commencing at 6am I basically had no choice but to take a recovery day on the final day of the work week. While I would have much rather been out on the tarmac riding another 35-50k, my body likely needed the rest and relaxation due to a combination of multiple late nights followed by early wake-ups.

For the first night in quite some time my Oura ring claims I had a decent nights rest. This is encouraging because it complains daily about my apparently horrible sleeping habits. I rarely am capable of hitting a sleep rating in the 70’s much less an 81. This was also the first night in probably a year I slept for more than seven hours. My usual nightly intake is roughly six, give or take, so being able to hit seven will likely do wonders for my body.

I blocked off the entire afternoon, so my meetings will all be ending by 11:30am today. This will allow me to get out of the house and do some form of exercise. Since I have a haircut appointment for early afternoon, I will be walking quite a bit because it is just so much more convenient to utilize public transportation rather than drive. When I finish up, I may head to the gym for a bit of elliptical and some weight training since it has been way too long since I last did a traditional workout.

Thank goodness this week is finally coming to a close. Hope everyone has an awesome end to the week and an even better weekend.

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