Gone Camping

Quick update to mention I am going camping and will be off the grid for three consecutive days this week. Beginning Monday, I am heading up into the Chichibu Mountains in Saitama to unplug for a few days, immerse myself in nature, and get a full, much needed psychological reset. This is something I have had planned for a couple months now, and damn have I been looking forward to getting out of town.

Seeing as my intent is to unplug it is highly unlikely I will post any updates to the site until I return. I will be taking a lot of pictures and eating some new and interesting camp food, so there will be quite a bit to report. This is the second time we will have visited this specific campsite. Last year July it was renovated, and was absolutely beautiful when we stayed over two nights right at the end of rainy season 2020.

What will not be happening is cycling. Mounting Red Chameleon will have to wait a few more days and then I will take her out for a 50k. I did not ride on Sunday, and will not ride for three more days in a row. That first morning after arriving back home will be vital to get me in the right headspace for work. As much as I am anticipating camping, I am even more excited about hitting the tarmac again when I return. I wonder how bad my performance will be?

I have written a couple articles for my time away. It is not as if things will be completely silent around this part of town. Hopefully it is enough to keep you entertained until I am able to bang on the keyboard some more in a few days.

Margarita on the Lake
Photo by Luke Bender / Unsplash


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