Weary Wet Wednesday

When I hit the sack last night a torrent of water was falling down upon my balcony, but I expected it to let up sometime in the middle of the night, allowing me to hop on my S-Works Aethos at 5am and do somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-50k. Those hopes were dashed when I awoke at 4:15am only to find the rain had either not stopped, or decided to blanket the city with more terror.

Even now, while I write this post, the rain continues to wreak havoc on my neighborhood. The sound of the water pounding against the pavement, a wood deck, the balcony, cars, and more is mixed with a chainsaw screaming while it chews through the leftover bits of a house that is being torn down. Life moves on even though mother nature has opted to ensure we share Wednesday with a bit of weary weather.

Every so often the chainsaw pauses, and the lone sound of the rain is rather comforting, even if it did prevent me from hitting the tarmac this morning. Maybe this is what true meditation is all about; it does not have to be only me hopping on my bike, only to cycle for two-hours. Maybe, just potentially, it is soaking in some relaxing sounds, living in the moment, breathing in the fresh rain-scented air, and allowing that to calm my weary senses.

All of this is to say that I will not be out cycling today, forced into an unwanted recovery day. After having been on Zoom until 10:30pm last night, I really was looking forward to rolling out for a morning meditative ride. Looks like that is on pause until tomorrow, when hopefully rainy season does not interrupt life, and prevent another day on the tarmac.

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