Tango Tuesday Tanning

Back in the saddle on Tuesday after taking a recovery day on Monday. Despite having a good nights sleep, even according to my Oura sleep tracker, I unfortunately felt sluggish during the first half of the ride but much better on the return. I still cannot put a finger on a specific reason for this behavior, but it is something happening rather frequently. Wonder what’s up?

Today’s stats are pretty shite all around. Could barely muster 85rpm average cadence even though my goal is a minimum of 90rpm, and I was only able to average 27kph across the measly 36k. Pretty piss poor overall in my not so humble opinion.

Causation and correlation have me very curious and concerned now🤔. Is is sleep related? Dietary? Pre-ride ritual? What could possibly be the cause of such major performance swings each day?

I had wanted to do a full 50k this morning but needed to return quick due to an early dental appointment. As a result, I will have to make up for the lost kilometers later in the week, assuming I can actually get out for a ride. Rainy season weather forecasting is notoriously bad, with the rain pissing down at any given second, so we shall see how it plays out. Barring torrential downpour, I will be out on the tarmac for my morning meditative rides.

Please do have an outstanding rest of the week!

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