Recovery Monday

What a wet start to the week! Monday morning has been nothing but rain, which was forecast for the previous couple days, so I had planned to take the day off for recovery. After all, I rode five days straight from Wednesday to Sunday, and my body deserves a break!

It is rainy season in Japan now, so the weather is highly unpredictable. One moment it could be absolutely beautiful, and then in a matter of mere minutes the clouds may engulf the sky, and start raining havoc on the entire city. This is really no fun in the middle of a fifty kilometer ride, but is something to be cognizant of during this time of the year. That transition from Spring to Summer is usually a wild ride.

Ate a nice bowl of warm oatmeal, and another with kiwi, yogurt, and granola with honey to top it off. Of course both of these bowls were accompanied with a nice cup of hot cappuccino. Great way to start this fine, wet, Monday morning!

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