Sunday Cycling Situation

Sunday July Fourth ironically marks the fourth consecutive day of rain in Tokyo, and thus by extension, without a single revolution of Red Chameleon's crank. She, like me, has been sitting indoors anxiously awaiting the very moment we can roll out on the tarmac and get some exercise. Rainy season this year is not merely a nuisance like normal, but is turning into a fully fledged monster.

After eating a ton of very unhealthy but extremely tasty food in honor of July Fourth and my fathers birthday, I had really hoped to get out to ride this morning. Before laying my head down last night, I set my alarm for the standard 4am expecting to awake and ride. Those desires were dashed when my eyes slowly opened at 3:30am and I could hear the rain constantly pounding against the wood deck outside my bedroom window.

It is nearing dusk and the rain has yet to stop. While there has been no torrential downpour today, it is definitely weather conducive to riding . I really regret not being able to make it out yesterday when the sun peeked through the clouds for a few short hours before deciding to piss down on Tokyo some more. Had there been no visiting client at home so I could have showered upon my return from riding, I would gladly have hoped on the bike and rode yesterday. Alas, the stars were not aligned and I was unable to make it. This lack of riding is partially my fault.

This will now mark the third consecutive week I am unable to hit my weekly cycling goal of 180km. Prior to rainy season I had been making outstanding progress, and loving every minute of cycling. Mother Nature has cramped my style, forcing me to rethink how I can partake in an exercise I enjoy while the wet warriors invade Tokyo.

Photo by Robert Iana / Unsplash

I have checked no less than three separate weather reports for tomorrow. One claims the rain will stop around 1am, while the other suggest the rain ceasing later in the morning. If true, I may be able to escape for a ride on Monday afternoon, the first in five days. Here's to hoping the rain does stop long enough to get some kilometers logged.

This lack of riding has me somewhat going through exercise withdrawals. Once I am able to ride again, evaluating my performance is going to be very interesting. After not having used my legs for basically five days, I wonder how much weaker than normal I will perform. In previous instances where I have had sustained time out of the saddle I noticed considerable less ability to maintain speed and cadence. This concerns me because my performance had been increasing lately, and I was hoping not to take any major steps backwards through any sustained absences.

Photo by Robert Lukeman / Unsplash

I guess we shall see how it all shakes out once this annoying rain subsides. Hopefully that day comes tomorrow, because I am getting tired of writing these, "I did not ride" posts. It is time to get back to riding while being enveloped in natures greenery, taking deep breaths of the fresh river air, and being consumed by that special form of cycling meditation.

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