Fantastic Friday Flooding

Unfortunately for the second consecutive day, Tokyo is under attack from above. Wet warriors continue to descend upon the city, water purposely pounding the pavement, leaving no dry survivors in their wake. Once again an entire day will pass without Red Chameleon and I hitting the pavement for some much desired cycling along the Tamagawa, my favorite local riding haunt.

The weather forecast has not changed dramatically since I posted a screenshot in yesterdays update. It is a distinct possibility that I will not be able to cycle for the next few days unless a miracle occurs. In the unlikely event the rain stops long enough for the Tamagawa cycling road to dry, there may be a small window to escape to pedaling paradise. If a small crack in the rain battle appears, I will immediately hop on Red Chameleon and head out for whatever ride length the time frame supports.

Photo by Adam Wilson / Unsplash

In the meantime, my schedule today is not overly hellacious. This is how I like my Friday calendar - easy on my constitution. I may be able to get some time for a fairly decent home dumbbell workout, or may even hit the gym if I can manage to escape for long enough. In either event, I am going to do something physically demanding and get the heart rate up enough to burn a reasonable amount of calories.

There will be no sitting on my ass all day without nary a bit of exercise. Rainy season is one time during the year when discipline plays a major role in exercise. Using excuses like, "well it is raining, so I cannot ride," is not valid. There are plenty of ways to get some reps in, whether that means hitting the gym or doing something at home. Purposefully increasing motivation and being meticulous are vital at this stage. It is time to whoop rainy seasons ass with a hardcore, healthy, high intensity workout.

Being lazy is easy. Achieving goals takes commitment, and is hard, continuous work. No more taking the path of least resistance. Gotta work to make it happen!

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