Slippery Sunday Spinning

Grabbed a quick Sunday morning ride before an early downpour commenced, but caught quite a bit of the preamble, getting a somewhat wet on the latter end of the short ride. It is utterly humid as fsck today and feels really nasty outside.

As planned, I swapped out the stock 26c Turbo Cotton for some Conti Grand Prix 5000 32c rubber. The ride is noticeably more comfortable, especially when rolling over gravel and the dumb ass speed bumps on certain segments of the Tokyo-side of the Tamagawa river route. I also swapped out the stock black Supacaz bar tape for this sexy Supacaz oil slick, adding a bit more character to the ride.

Found out I can snatch up a SRAM 12-speed chain in oil slick too, so may just have to grab that final piece of bling. Last thing is to figure out the bag situation. Not particularly pleased with the color scheme here🤔 The current green top tube bag, while the perfect size, leaves me with something to be desired. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but it seems out of place in this color scheme.

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