Swift Saturday Saddling

I could not be happier with the climate today. There was outstanding post-rain Saturday morning weather, perfect for a nice comfy ride, especially when I was feeling really motivated to ride ride and ride.

During the upstream leg of the ride there was little to no wind, but downstream on the return it was all headwinds all the way. The entire. ride. back. Nevertheless, the wind felt wonderful and made the temperature easier to deal with as it was starting to get fairly warm and humid.

Since I had to take Friday off as a recovery day due to non-stop rain, my legs felt really good today. I did not feel like I lost endurance or motivations, nor did I tire out as quick as other days. What I really need to do is keep pumping out these daily 50k’s to build that endurance, and take it to the next level.

Now that I got a nice ride out of the way, it is time to go enjoy the weekend💪🏼😊

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