Quick Monday Morning Meditative Ride

Unfortunately was only able to get a quick ride on the tarmac this morning due to a number of early meetings, coupled with some out-of-the-blue pain in my left knee.

Although today’s ride started out fine, it rapidly devolved into strong pain. My left knee started to hurt like someone smashed it with a jackhammer, which is a type of pain I had never yet experienced. There is no apparent reason for this pain; the weekend I felt fine, this just showed up out of nowhere.

While I dig into potential causation for the pain, the only thing I can think of is because of lack of sleep and minimal recovery time after spinning quite a bit over the weekend. I am hopeful the pain quickly subsides so I can hit the pavement tomorrow and do a full 50k. At the absolute least I should be able to spend no more than 90 minutes to hit the almost-40k mark.

We shall see soon enough now now wont we?

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