Hella Hot Hump Day Hysteria

Wednesday is hellaciously hot and humid, a first for 2021. There was almost no breeze for the first half of the ride, but a slight one on the return, providing some minimal comfort from the sharp rays raining down from the sun.

No old man pains anywhere today thankfully. Entire ride felt great, heat notwithstanding. Even though I had limited sleep last night, seems to have been okay, and I felt fairly strong most of the ride. Had I no morning meetings I likely would have tried to ride for another 20k. It is not as if 50k was not enough, just I felt as if I could ride further had I an opportunity to do so. But alas, here we are on hump day.

Loving this bike and cannot get enough of it. Dropping the seat slightly has been the best mod so far. Had made the rides more comfortable and easier to withstand – and no more ass pain!😂

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