Prelude to Hell

Called this ride “prelude to hell” simply because today is going to be a hellaciously busy work day. I am basically on non-stop calls from 11am through to 9pm, with nary a break even to hit the bathroom. So I wanted to get some kilometers logged and fresh air consumed on this lovely Thursday morning before an early call, prior to to aptly named hell day kicking off. My body definitely needs the exercise and ability to destressify prior to what is sure to be an overwhelmingly busy Thursday.

Felt noticeably sluggish today. Just could not get in the groove, and the analysis stats demonstrate my utter lack of prowess on the tarmac today. I guess you cannot win them all right? Chalk it up to another late work night, followed by a very early morning call, resulting in shit for sleep. So I guess limited recovery time kinda works as a disadvantage today.

Once nice side-note about today is I stopped along the Tamagawa and just soaked in the sun, breathed in the fresh morning air, and enjoyed the scenery. It was really meditative to just completely unplug for two hours and engross myself in not just the riding but nature as well. These are the types of occasions to help me get through busy days like what is on-deck for the rest of the day.

The good news is the weather is somewhat nice today. Blue skies abound, nice breeze, but sticky humidity. We are definitely approaching the dreaded Japanese summer!

The bad news is I will be stuck indoors, in front of multiple computer screens and microphones, enduring Zoom call after Zoom call. While I am not complaining about the awesome gig I have, it does come with drawbacks preventing me from riding more often and hanging out in nature as much as I would prefer.

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