Mild Mannered Morning Meditative Ride

Very nice mild temperature this morning with a slight breeze just enough to make the ride supremely comfortable. Interestingly I felt relatively decent today even though I kinda got shit for sleep. Almost opted outta the full 50k but since I was feeling motivated I rode the entire distance. Chalk one up for not giving up!💪🏼

Looking at the ride stats, seems I did a fair bit of 30kmh average segments, which is awesome. I felt like I was hitting high speeds fairly often, although mixed with a lot of quick slowing down due to foot traffic and older folks. I wish there was a way I could calculate the average speed of just the river portion of the ride, completely discounting the first and last 6k. Yes, I know I can start and end up logging from the river but i also do want to capture the full riding distance.

Now it’s on to a few meetings followed by an early end to the week. TGIFFF!🥃

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