Saturday Swift Stroll to Starbucks

Opted for a leisurely pace today, seeing as it is Saturday, a beautiful morning, and a meetup w/a buddy for some coffee at a local Starbucks alongside the river. Hence the craptastic stats this morning, which is absolutely okay every now and again.

Interestingly, I also noticed if I drink a glass or two of wine the night before, my riding power is impacted. This morning I had less endurance and considerably lower power than throughout the week. It worked out fine, though, because of the leisurely stroll this morning. But nevertheless, I am curious about the substantive impact the small amount of alcohol has on my performance.

Since I opted for a more leisurely pace this morning, I decided to stop and soak in some fresh morning air along the river. While pausing, I broke out the phone and started shooting pics of Red Chameleon, as if she were posing for Vogue (one could only be so lucky!). I think these pictures came out quite well.

After hopping back on Red Chameleon and hitting the tarmac towards Starbucks, I met with a friend and choked down an early morning cup of coffee. It was the perfect respite after a nice morning ride.

I should have completed a full 50k. There really is no excuse for not having done so, especially since it is the weekend, and I do not really have anything pressing planned for the day. Maybe tomorrow I will consider upping the ante, doing a full 50k, and pushing the limits of my old ass body!

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