Terribly Tired Tuesday

Today I was unable to wake up and get out for a ride, feeling much more tired than normal at 4am. I actually did awake at that early hour, but was still feeling far too sleepy to actually pull myself out of bed. I ended up rolling over and drifting back into dreamsville for another ninety-ish minutes of sleep even though I do not feel terribly tired.

It is not as if I intended to take a recovery day today. While the sky is mostly overcast, the temperature is perfect for hitting the tarmac. There is very little wind – just enough to add some respite from the heat and humidity. Today is the ideal day to ride. Apparently my body has made a unilateral decision, and opted for a break from the saddle.

Incidentally, last year on June 22 I also was unable to ride, likely due to rain. Looking at my photos, I did ride on June 23, but apparently it was a wet one as I am not quite soaked but pretty damn wet. I hope that is not a sign for what is to come the rest of this week.

The weather outlook for the rest of the week is a bit treacherous. Most days are forecast for rain, but whether than means rain later in the day as opposed to earlier remains to be seen. If I can get a 35-50k ride in the wee hours of the morning a few more times this week then I will be pleased. This week I absolutely positively will hit the 180k goal I fell just shy of last week.

These are the types of days when I should hit the gym for some other form of exercise. Even hopping on an elliptical for 40-60 minutes would be better than nothing. Unfortunately time during the business day is a hot commodity; the scarcity of free time makes it difficult to hit the gym mid-day. Moving forward I need to consider a better strategy, potentially blocking off two-hours for a workout a couple days each week.

So now it is back to the strategy drawing board to determine an optimal way-ahead.

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