Friday Failures & Fumbles

This morning I awoke with the full intent and motivation to get out on the tarmac and ride 50k since I was unable to do so yesterday. All my hopes were dashed when I went out to prep Red Chameleon for the ride, and the stem valve broke off the inner tube, leaving me with a completely flat rear tire. Unfortunately I did not have a spare, and this left me so pissed I opted not to hit my backup baby for a ride. Instead, I took the pups for a nice, long morning walk.

I had really wanted to go riding yesterday, and like today, planned to head out for a 50k stint. When I woke up and did a quick check of email and Slack messages, it appears someone in the United States decided to schedule a 6am phone call. Regrettably, I needed to quickly change plans, but was ultimately unable to take Red Chameleon along the Tamagawa to destressify and meditate.

Today was substantially different. I completed my normal pre-cycling ritual, and then was in the middle of prepping Red Chameleon when this nonsense occurred. As I was putting the valve stem cap back on, air started slowly coming out of the stem. While I was trying to take the cap off for a second time, the entire stem just came off the tube. All the air came rushing out, and I was immediately upset.

Why would I be angered about something so trivial? Primarily because I had the bike in the Specialized shop on Saturday and this should not have happened. It almost feels like the bike shop did something to cause this to happen. Now I need to spend time today to fix Red Chameleon if I have any chance of hitting the pavement tomorrow morning. What an utter waste of my time.


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Photo by Tim Goedhart / Unsplash

I am hoping I can find some time today to get to the local bike shop to fix the flat because I absolutely need to get out on the tarmac tomorrow morning. Being the last business day of the quarter is going to make this tough, although not entirely out of the equation.

There really is no excuse for taking a three day break from riding when the weather is supportive for a change. Not to mention, the psychological benefits I enjoy from the exercise, being immersed in nature, taking in those deep breaths of fresh Tamagawa air, and the beauty of the entire ecosystem. There is a reason why I used to call all my rides "morning meditative ride" - although I am moving, it does feel like I am taking my body and mind to a higher plane of existence.

Friday is finally here, and thankfully this brutal week is damn near finished. I gotta get out for a ride tomorrow and will do everything in my power to make it happen.

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