Whirlwind Wednesday Morning Sweating

Since I failed to ride yesterday due to being abnormally tired, this morning I woke immediately at 4am and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. After hopping out of bed and taking care of the necessities, I jumped into my superhero cycling gear, downed 750ml of water for hydration, ate a very small bowl of oatmeal just to get some energy, and then headed out on the tarmac for an awesome ride. The temperature this morning was perfect, with little to no noticeable humidity, and an ever so slight yet comforting breeze.

While riding today I was regretting not having made it out of the door yesterday. It felt utterly amazing to be hitting the streets, sharing the spring air with the birds singing lullabies off in the distance.

Being out in nature so early in the morning was therapeutic. There is something invigorating about riding along the Tamagawa. Soaking in the cool morning fresh air, and feeling the wind as it lightly brushed against my face while riding, was a perfect way to start the day. It was one of the more comforting rides I have enjoyed lately, and it is this reason I felt bummed I did not push myself to head out the door yesterday.

Throughout today’s ride I never really felt any leg pain even though I was consciously trying to push it. My average speed hit 27.6kph, which is fantastic for my old ass. An average cadence of 88rpm could use some improvement, as I prefer to be at least at the 90rpm mark. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the overall stats. I bet if I just analyzed the river legs of the ride it would be even better. Anyhow, breathing was easy, and overall it felt like I was in another world for 90 minutes.

As an aside, I started listening to the To Live & Die in LA podcast season two. I binged listened to the first season sometime last year, and found it really engrossing. This years story has started out very interesting, and is the makings of another goodie. Maybe I need to do a post on how I listen to books and podcasts while riding?

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