Monday Morning Madness

Hitting the tarmac on Sunday was an amazing experience. It felt satisfying to not only get outside and ride, but hanging out at Starbucks in the early morning hours, sipping coffee along the river was refreshing. Despite waking up at 4am and hella motivated to ride, unfortunately it was not in the cards for today. Sadly, I needed to put out a major work fire, and thus used the alone time to finish up a major report for a client.

Rather than tapping three keys on my grand piano to open a hidden door leading to my bat cave where I would normally change into my bat suit, I plopped my ass down in my work chair and sat staring at my monitor while yawning. It was too early for coffee, but my head was definitely not clear. Nevertheless, I needed to knock out a client report so rather than waste any time I just dove right in the deep end.

For the next two hours I was hyper-productive, not only completing this client report but also taking care of some administrative and extraneous tasks. While I would have preferred riding, this still felt very rewarding, just in an obviously different way.

As it turns out, it was likely a good idea Monday turned into an impromptu recovery day. The inside of my right knee is feeling a bit stiff, with a slight bit of pain. Not sure if I tweaked it sometime late yesterday or if it is old age. Likely the latter, but nevertheless, it hurts enough that I feel better not pushing myself and risking further injury.

Photo by Marianna Lutkova / Unsplash

I was really interested in riding this morning after having done some maintenance on my chain. Not only did I give it a thorough cleaning, but also dropped in some new oil to get it spinning much smoother. When I was riding yesterday it was quite obvious the chain needed to be lubed. I am now curious to see how much of a difference there is between before and after.

Although tomorrow I have a pretty busy schedule, I intend to ride bright and early as usual. The weather looks to be cooperating this week. Mother Nature must be taking a bit of a summer vacation. I suspect she will return with a vicious vengeance, throwing typhoons towards Tokyo in the latter part of the summer season. I need to log as many kilometers as I can with the harmonious weather.

Here is to another beautiful day, and looking forward to more to come throughout the week.

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